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Oceans are the cradle of life

No Blue No Green. Healthy Oceans are fundamental for life to exist. Overfishing – including the removal of apex predators, climate change, pollution – including plastics are big threats to the health of the oceans right now. Deep sea mining for resources also threatens ocean ecosystems; eg. the BP oil disaster in 2010. Overfishing means that 90% of the large fish of the oceans are gone. 87% of fish species are either overexploited or fully exploited or depleted. This means we take at a faster rate than they reproduce which means they are in decline. Industrial fishing fleets have to travel further with great energy use to get a catch that is in less than it was in earlier years. Industrial fishing is not sustainable as it takes at a greater rate than replacement, bycatch kills millions of animals to get the target species and there are issues of habitat destruction (seabed trawling). Climate Change […]

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Over Consumption

The past 50 years has seen a massive jump in the expectations of people in the minority world about what we need to live.  20% of the world’s population (us) consumes 80% of the world’s resources. Resources essentially to process, make and then store our stuff.  The generations before were thrifty with the things they had, and goods were built to last.  We now live in a throw away society, where it is cheaper to buy a new printer than to replace ink cartridges.  We have overshot the carrying capacity of this planet; yet more and more people aspire to the lifestyles of consumption.  The earth can not sustain 7.2 billion people living as we do.  Simplify Simplify Simplify..  ‘we’ need to learn to share, as we teach our children to.    

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Biodiversity Matters

Biodiversity is the Diversity of the Biosphere. The thin rim of life that exists on the very outer edge of the planet.  Biodiversity ensures strength and resilience against disease and natural disasters.  Diversity is like a tapestry; one thread only needs to be pulled and the tapestry unravels.  Humans have systematically destroyed habitats across the planet, causing species extinction.  We are not just touching the web of life, we are tearing great holes in it.