Our Support for Others

We donate several bags per month to frontline groups to help them fundraise for their causes.  Each year our bag donations raise approximately $10000 for various causes, in addition to the awareness raised by our bags simply walking around.  We also support financially several organisations including Australian Wildlife Conservancy, Birdlife Australia, International AntiPoaching Foundation, UNHCR, and wildlife rescue groups.

We have a partnership with Orangutan Foundation International Australia (OFI Australia).  With each RARE Orangutan bag sold with OFI Australia logo, we donate 10% of the purchase price to OFI Australia.  OFI Australia’s Mission is to support and continue the Orangutan and forest conservation efforts of Dr Birute Mary Galdikas in Kalimantan, Borneo. The two core campaigns of  OFI Australia are caring for orphaned and displaced orangutans and securing habitat for their future release.  We are proud of our partnership and support for OFI Australia. Please visit their website to learn more of the work being done for orangutans and their habitat.  www.orangutanfoundation.org.au

If you are seeking a bag donation for a fundraiser, feel free to contact us.. We do our best to support each request, but are limited by it just being our two sets of hands sewing… We are happy to hear of your cause, plenty of advance notice is appreciated.  We do prioritise Australian wildlife and their habitats but support a range of issues.




  1. Thankyou for your inspiration. We are small family business in Melbourne burbs spreading the word about the critical importance of bees. We also provide apiary services to 100+ Melbourne family who otherwise would not be able to foster a hive of healthy bees and savour the sweet nutritious benefit of honey harvested from their own backyards.
    Bee Local. Bee Pure. Bee Me

    • rarekaren (Author)

      Hi Jane and Peter.. thanks very much.. well done on a very important venture.. we are hoping to have hives here soon, and will be planting lots of bee friendly plants as the rains begin to come in the next few months..
      I’m glad you like what we do too.. Thanks. Karen

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