Countdown Clocks

The countdown/up clocks on our home page are a powerful way to see that the issues impacting this planet are impacting this planet and us right now.   These issues sometimes seem like a play going on somewhere else, out of our sight and our lives.  Unless if you are poor. Poorer countries inevitably see the impacts of our actions first. As we rely on a healthy planet for our existence, anything that undermines a healthy planet undermines ourselves. The website below is an excellent resource, you can follow the arrows for further information and references for the numbers created. Hope you can take a look.

The World Counts Information Resource and References


planet system


  1. Would appreciate more details about your bags I.e. Sizes, & compartments, pockets, zippers etc, if available, also prices, thankyou.

    • rarekaren (Author)

      Hey, sorry for the delayed response, we just found it……..our bags are 34x28cm, comes with a zip to the main compartemnt, has 2 smaller pockets under the flap, all lined and has an adjustable strap..the bags we make all ourselves and design and print the patches to..they are $105(inclGST)..postage is $15….a custom bag where you pick your patches etc is an extra $10……..hope this helps…cheers rod

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