Over Consumption

The past 50 years has seen a massive jump in the expectations of people in the minority world about what we need to live.  20% of the world’s population (us) consumes 80% of the world’s resources. Resources essentially to process, make and then store our stuff.  The generations before were thrifty with the things they had, and goods were built to last.  We now live in a throw away society, where it is cheaper to buy a new printer than to replace ink cartridges.  We have overshot the carrying capacity of this planet; yet more and more people aspire to the lifestyles of consumption.  The earth can not sustain 7.2 billion people living as we do.  Simplify Simplify Simplify..  ‘we’ need to learn to share, as we teach our children to.


Simplify and Share

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  1. I love this post, and thank you for posting it.
    I am trying to incorporate eco issues on my site too, and this is a biggy!
    And it’s easy to make a few little changes to make a difference.
    When buying something, buy second hand where as all possible, you’ve just saved something going to landfill!
    I’ve recently had a baby, I wanted a wooden high chair as it decomposes when I’m finished with it. It was hard to find one second hand, so I ended up with a plastic one, but I figure, when buying second hand it really doesn’t matter what it’s made from as I was saving it from going to land fill. I will pass it on to someone when I’m finished with it. This beats everyone buying brand new when things are of perfectly good quality second hand.
    I have the income to buy new, so it’s not about saving money for me, but just making a small change in how I buy. The new bike I bought for the kids? Second hand.
    This way we don’t go without what we want, and we can buy guilt free. :)

    • rarekaren

      great post, thanks Mishel.. this is how we’ve always lived our life too.. it makes complete sense.. our house is furnished from the op shop and tip shops.. only way to go :-)..

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