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Oceans are the cradle of life

No Blue No Green. Healthy Oceans are fundamental for life to exist. Overfishing – including the removal of apex predators, climate change, pollution – including plastics are big threats to the health of the oceans right now. Deep sea mining for resources also threatens ocean ecosystems; eg. the BP oil disaster in 2010. Overfishing means that 90% of the large fish of the oceans are gone. 87% of fish species are either overexploited or fully exploited or depleted. This means we take at a faster rate than they reproduce which means they are in decline. Industrial fishing fleets have to travel further with great energy use to get a catch that is in less than it was in earlier years. Industrial fishing is not sustainable as it takes at a greater rate than replacement, bycatch kills millions of animals to get the target species and there are issues of habitat destruction (seabed trawling). Climate Change […]