Biodiversity Matters

Biodiversity is the Diversity of the Biosphere. The thin rim of life that exists on the very outer edge of the planet.  Biodiversity ensures strength and resilience against disease and natural disasters.  Diversity is like a tapestry; one thread only needs to be pulled and the tapestry unravels.  Humans have systematically destroyed habitats across the planet, causing species extinction.  We are not just touching the web of life, we are tearing great holes in it.


This infograph highlights the plight of some of the big and majestic mammals. Extinction is impacting all groups of animals as well as plants and ecosystems themselves.   Amphibians. Birds and Reptiles and Invertebrates are all being impacted by the Human species taking so much and interfering so greatly.


For over 4 billion years the earth has been evolving and the biosphere of this Planet developing and growing. Diversity gives strength and resilience; taking away the diversity weakens the whole biosphere and has impacts that we can’t always predict. As one of our patches says ”when you tug at a single thing in nature, you find it attached to the rest of the world”.. John Muir.

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