Artist Recognition

Some of our patches use the work of wildlife artists who have kindly given us permission to use their work.  The world of the internet is difficult to always find the source of artwork and if we have used any that breach copyright of individuals, we have not intentionally done so and apologise sincerely.  We have been made aware by an Australian artist of breaches we have made in the past and we are in the process of paying far closer attention to the source of work we use within our patches.. We apologise to any artist, no disrespect was intended.  We are always seeking to make new patches, as sadly, there are many patches to make about the issues impacting this beautiful planet.

Many thanks to Linda Weil, Wildlife Artist and Author for the use of many of her Australian wildlife drawings..  We use her echidna, wombat, koala, sugar glider and kangaroos.


Many Thanks to Pete Marshall from Ecoart for her beautiful work as well..  We use her red tailed black cockatoos, tiger and wedgetail eagle.,_Wildlife_Artist/Home.html


Many Thanks to Steve Morwell, Nature Artist from The Grampians in Victoria.. for the use of his beautiful painting of the Kangaroo..




Many Thanks to Jo Pearcy from Jos Desktop, Jo is passionate about Australia’s endangered species and draws many of the lesser well known ones..


This page is a work in progress..



  1. steve morvell

    thanks guys

  2. Linnie Bird

    I am in awe. This is just beautiful, and a beautiful way for artists to reach others.

    Kudos to you, and to the artists.

  3. Miche

    Thanks to all the amazing artists who feature on RARE Bags. What a way to help the world be a better place. Thanks for your care and benevolence <3

  4. I absolutely love the work you produce. I have long admired your beautiful bags and keep spreading the word about this amazing company I happened upon one day browsing the net.

    If I were an artist with something to say, I would be so honoured to have my work appear on your bags. What a fantastic way artists to be advertised and gain exposure. It must be an absolute nightmare trying to find out where particular pieces of work originate from, you are bound to get it wrong sometimes – but at least you try and let’s face it you wouldn’t use their work if you didn’t love it. Or if it didn’t have a message worth sharing. Well done guys X

  5. rarekaren (Author)

    thanks Dee.. for your lovely feedback.. xx Karen

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