free the Mojave Dolphins


  1. Lynne Bradley

    Hello, I placed an order for your Vegan bag, and paid thru paypal. I am wondering how to track the shipment. I’d like to know when to expect delivery on it. Thank you for any help! Order # 8871343d321c

    • rarekaren

      Hi Lynne.. thanks for your message.. we’ll be posting your bag on wednesday or thursday, we live remotely and only post once per week internationally. We’d just posted on the 26th when you ordered your bag, so there’s been a bit of a delay sorry between your purchase and sending it.. Did you receive our email we sent on Friday? Rod had thought we’d be posting on today, but I wasn’t able to..
      delivery time is usually 10-14 days to the US..
      i’ll send you a tracking number once we’ve posted your bag..
      and i’ll try again on the email, to be sure you received it..

  2. Lynne Bradley

    Hi Karen! I just read your message today. I didn’t see any emails, so I came back here. Thanks so much for responding! I expected it to take a while to ship, so no worries, it’s for my daughter in New Jersey, and I’m in California, and I am concerned about whether my shipments reach her, that’s all. My husband may have removed your emails by accident, although he says he would never do that! ;) Either way, so happy to see this message here! Thank you and have a wonderful day!!


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